Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Right-Wing Hypocrisy

It seems that the Right is clamoring for a quick up-or-down vote on their newest Scalia wannabe, Samuel Alito. In fact, some members of the Senate are hoping to have Alito confirmed by Christmas. But, wait a minute. Just last week, wasn't it the Right who were dragging their feet on the confirmation process? Weren't the Conservatives the ones who were doing everything they could to stall and derail Harriet Miers? And now all of a sudden, there's a need for urgency? Exactly what's going on here? Where's the fire?

Oh, I get it. The nomination process is urgent ONLY when the candidate is someone they like. That is, a conservative Judge who emulates solely the values of the far right. And that's exactly what Bush has in Samuel Alito. Instead of trying to unite the country with a Supreme Court Justice who would appeal to all Americans, Bush played to his political base and gave us a nominee just for the Right Wing.

Thanks, George. Here comes the filibuster.

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