Thursday, November 03, 2005

Scary Ann Coulter

The Republicans' darling Ann Coulter was on the Al Rantel show last night. I do occasionally listen to Right Wing Wacko Radio just to keep abreast of what the other side thinks. Anyway, I've heard much about the infamous Ann Coulter, but have never heard her speak (I don't pay for cable), so I tuned in.


Is she serious? Or is this some type of Phil Hendrie put-on?

While listening to Ann Coulter, the following adjectives went through my head:
  • vapid
  • childish
  • overly-simplistic
  • mean-spirited
  • deceiving

Also, Coulter punctuates nearly all of her sentences with a nervous laugh that is annoying at first, but gets downright creepy after awhile. She's like the school bully who hates herself so much that the only way to get rid of the anger is to take it out on others.

This is who the Republicans rally around?


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