Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Texas Justice?

Showing just how above the law he is, Tom DeLay was successful at having State Judge District Judge Bob Perkins removed from presiding over his money laundering and conspiracy case. Last week, DeLay was whining that he could not receive a fair trial simply because Judge Perkins was a Democrat and had previously contributed to Democratic causes. DeLay's legal team, led by Attorney Dick DeGuerin, worked diligently this past week and was able to convince Visiting Judge C.W. Duncan to remove Perkins from the case. Quite a disturbing precedent. However, such lawyering heroics should not be surprising considering just how much money is being spent on DeLay's defense fund. Specifically, the Center for Responsive Politics is reporting that at least 70 individuals, and 35 corporations, PACs and campaign committees have managed to raise over $318,000 to defend Tom DeLay. And why are all these corporations and PACs so interested in seeing that DeLay remains free? Exactly what has DeLay promised them for their support?

Stay tuned.

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