Thursday, November 03, 2005

Unfit to Lead?

As the President's approval rating plummets to 35% (only Richard Nixon has scored lower at this point in their second term), some are starting to wonder about George Bush's mental state.

Certainly, Bush's latest round of disasters must be taking their toll on his disposition. However, White House Staffers have noted that the President is often irritable, unfocused, and unenergetic as of late. A recent shouting match between Bush and some of his aides at Camp David has been mentioned. And Bush often seems defensive and distracted in front of TV cameras.

Is the President suffering from depression? Have problems with alcohol and drugs started to rear their heads again? Perhaps his long Texas vacation before Hurricane Katrina was an attempt by Bush's doctors to try and/or alter a medication regimen.

Is our Commander-in-Chief still fit to lead?

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