Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Debate Mess

MSNBC is reporting that John McCain won't show up for Friday's debate unless a deal to address the financial crisis is reached. Officials at the University of Mississippi (which is hosting the debate) are still moving forward as scheduled, but are not sure what they would do if McCain fails to show up.

If this happens, I say go on as scheduled and let Obama take questions from the audience. America has already carved out this time to learn more about the candidates. And if John McCain would rather take photo ops in Washington, DC, that's his decision. We might as well use this time to find out even more about Barack Obama and his plans for the United States.

And speaking of McCain, don't his actions sort of remind you of the kid who is "taking his ball and going home"?

Debate Delay

So all of a sudden McCain needs to show up in Washington and add his two cents to the economic crisis. Oh, and that debate with Senator Obama that was scheduled for Friday? Yeah, that's going to have to wait as well. Hmm. Sounds to me more like someone doesn't have the ability to multi-task. Which is a quality you absolutely want in a President.

Yeah, I'm being sarcastic.

Anyway, if the Presidential candidates won't be able to debate on Friday, then I say lets replace it with the VP Debate. Biden vs. Palin; Let's get ready to rumble. Besides, it's high time that Caribou Barbie stops hiding behind her handlers and starts answering some real questions.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Wil Wheaton made the following post in his Twitter stream:
The Monopoly Guy just endorsed McCain. Turns out McCain helped create a series of bank errors in his favor.


They Even Lied About the Teleprompter!

After Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Fox News reported that there were substantial glitches with the teleprompter that Palin was reading her speech from. Nevertheless, the Governor was able to overcome the obstacles and deliver her speech without getting flustered. This fact was quickly picked up and gleefully reported by other Right-Wing tools such as Rush Limbagh and Sean Hannity.

Well, it turns out (surprise, surprise), THAT WAS A LIE!!!

ABC News and Politico are reporting that, in actuality, there was nothing wrong with Palin's teleprompter. Members of the press who were within eyeshot of the prompter, carefully watched it and said they noticed no major problems with the equipment.

Now, while the isolated incident of lying about whether or not a prompter works is not really that big of deal, I am more concerned with why the Republicans felt they needed to lie about it in the first place. The obvious reason is that they wanted to bolster their candidate and give her more credit than she deserves. But, more importantly, if the McCain campaign feels they can lie so easily about a broken teleprompter, then what else are they lying about?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fox News calls McCain Out

Fox News host Megyn Kelly corners McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds on his candidate's claim that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class. Watch Tucker squirm as he attempts to evade Kelly's questions and turn the conversation back to the meaningless Republican talking points. However, Kelly doesn't let this fool off so easily. Story and video below.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Palin = Republican Status Quo

Folks, my boss is a Research Psychologist whose Doctorate is in Clinical Psychology. As a researcher, she is fond of making the point that past behavior often predicts future behavior. And a recent New York Times article presents a well-researched list of Sarah Palin's past behavior and actions as Mayor of Wasilla, and then Governor of Alaska. Frankly, Palin's questionable judgment, lies, and abuses of power seem more like "Republican Business-As-Usual" then the "change" that she and John McCain promise. If Palin thought these kind of behaviors were okay when she was Mayor and Governor, then she is going to keep on doing it as Vice-President and (God forbid!) President. And our country just can't take four years of this. PLEASE remember this when you vote in November.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Palin makes Her First Gaffe

Apparently Caribou Barbie doesn't understand how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac work. Yep, she's prepared to be the President. Story below.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008

Amen, Brother!

This quote was included in a recent email from the Obama campaign.

Republicans like Palin, Giuliani, and Romney can engage in red-meat partisan vitriol all they want, right out of the Karl Rove playbook, but this isn't 2000 or 2004. Americans now have seen the full impact of GOP policies on their pocketbook." -- Rick from Colorado

Palin Under Investigation

So Caribou Barbie is currently under investigation in Alaska for alleged abuses of power. Not surprising. Isn't this just status quo for the Republicans? Story below.

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No Barracuda for Palin

It would appear that even Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart can't stand the Republican's Vice-President pick, Sarah Palin. After McCain's Sominex-like acceptance speech on Thursday night, he was joined on stage by his running mate. While the balloons started raining down, the Convention's PA system started playing Heart's 1977 hit "Barracuda", a reference to Palin's High School nickname. Well, it turns out that the clever Republicans running this convention must have forgot to get permission to play the song because Heart immediately sent a cease-and-desist order to the McCain's presidential campaign. And for good reason: they don't want to be associated with the McCain campagin.Check out the story below.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin's Lies

The Associated Press exposes the pack of lies in Caribou Barbie's speech.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Caribou Barbie

A few thoughts on Governor Palin and her nomination speech:

  • Where the hell have you been the last several days? The Republicans throw you a big coming out party and then there's hardly a peep out of you since Friday. Can it be that the GOP doesn't trust you on your own?
  • I tuned into this speech to learn more about YOU, and specifically why the hell you think you should be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I really didn't need to hear more about Senator McCain (didn't we get enough of that with Thompson droning on and on Tuesday night?), or your husband, or your kids. Since you're the one of the ticket, wouldn't it have been prudent to open up with more of yourself?
  • I find it amusing that you're complaining about the "Washington Elite" when your own running mate started in Congress back in 1982.
  • Yes, you eventually told Congress "no thanks" for that Bridge to Nowhere, but that was AFTER you initially supported that expensive piece of pork. Funny. You conveniently left that part out of your speech.
  • Biggest laugh-out loud moment:
My fellow citizens, the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of "personal discovery."
  • Thank you for waiting until close to the end of your speech before using the term "Maverick". Gag! I propose that every time someone says that on TV, they have to pay 25 cents towards the ever-increasing war debt.
  • Did anyone else out there catch Palin's youngest daughter pretty much giving the baby a cat bath on national TV? Absolutely hilarious! Perhaps dad needs to keep a better eye on the kids.
  • Contrary to all the rumors out there, that was NOT half the population of Alaska in attendance at the Convention.
Final prognosis: Palin did a okay job reading a speech that someone else wrote for her. But with all the excitement surrounding this moment, I was surprised by how boring much of it was. However, I'm far more interested in how Caribou Barbie will perform unscripted answering real questions in front of the Washington Press Corps. That is, if the GOP will let her off the leash long enough.