Sunday, September 14, 2008

Palin = Republican Status Quo

Folks, my boss is a Research Psychologist whose Doctorate is in Clinical Psychology. As a researcher, she is fond of making the point that past behavior often predicts future behavior. And a recent New York Times article presents a well-researched list of Sarah Palin's past behavior and actions as Mayor of Wasilla, and then Governor of Alaska. Frankly, Palin's questionable judgment, lies, and abuses of power seem more like "Republican Business-As-Usual" then the "change" that she and John McCain promise. If Palin thought these kind of behaviors were okay when she was Mayor and Governor, then she is going to keep on doing it as Vice-President and (God forbid!) President. And our country just can't take four years of this. PLEASE remember this when you vote in November.

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