Monday, October 24, 2005

Thanks President Bush!

President George W. Bush was in town recently. The reason I know is because our Commander-in-Chief decided to tie up busy Los Angeles rush hour traffic not just once, but twice. The first offense came during a busy Thursday evening commute with Bush shutting down a good portion of the Westside so that his motorcade could get to a Republican fat-cat fund-raiser in Beverly Hills. And if that wasn't bad enough, Bush pulled the same stunt during Friday morning commute just so he could get in a photo opp at the Reagan Library. Bush even managed to strand a bunch of elementary school busses, causing the kids to miss a peformance of the Wizard of Oz. So, for tying up major freeway and street routes during rush hour, all while inconveniencing thousands of commuters, we say, "Thank you President Bush!"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he tied you up and you sound pretty upset.

Anonymous said...

Clinton did the same thing - he decided to go for a leisurely tour of sunset boulevard in 1997 or so. Disaster!